WordProof Timestamp for Enterprise (WordPress)

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WordProof: Timestamp your WordPress Content on the Blockchain

“In five years from now, if you don’t timestamp your articles on the blockchain, you’re going to be considered a fraud.” - Brendan Blumer

With WordProof Timestamp, you can sign your WordPress content on any EOSIO blockchain from the comfort of your WordPress site. No prior blockchain experience necessary: the WordProof Setup Wizard helps you with everything, right from your WordPress dashboard.

Why do I need to timestamp my content?

There are hundreds of millions of websites. However, there are only a few websites visitors accept information from, let alone do business with. This is because they trust those websites. You gain the trust of your visitors by doing two things differently than your competition:

WordProof Timestamp makes these things possible with the power of the EOSIO blockchain.

WordProof Customers

To get started:

You can try WordProof via the links below. Please reach out to us to deploy a smart contract for timestamping on your own EOSIO chain. We'll get in touch with you for a proposal based on your needs.