Blockchain Governance Health Check

We examine your existing blockchain project, at any level of development maturity, and analyze it using the StrongBlock Enterprise Blockchain Governance Framework. The Health Check then compares the purpose and goals of the chain with the design choices and governance institutions thus far created or projected, and provides the customer with a detailed analysis of governance maturity, risk areas, and next steps.


  • Confidence that the system’s governance design is complete and correct
  • Ability to reassure investors, potential users, customers, and stakeholders that the system will be resistant to common governance related threats they’ve heard of
  • Confidence in knowing that the unfinished work has largely been identified
  • Ability to forecast the work required to complete governance implementation
  • Improved odds of fielding a working system without avoidable and embarrassing problems at or soon after launch


  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interests Analysis
  • Powers, Processes, and Institutions Analysis
  • Institution Legitimacy / Effectiveness Analysis
  • Incentivization Scheme Analysis
  • Dispute Resolution System Analysis
  • SWOT and Gap Analysis with Actionable Recommendations / Position Paper
  • Roadmap of Governance Design and Build-out